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Meet the experts


Manou Monteux

Manou has 12 years of experience in Investment Banking within Market Risk Management and data driven risk measurment applications. Manou reached the position of Head of Market Risk at SMBC Nikko Capital Markets Ltd at the age of 35. As a Quantitative Research consultant Manou worked with J.P. Morgan, HSBC and LCH.


Marco Riani, PhD

Marco is Full Professor of Statistics in the University of Parma. Marco co-authored about 150 scientific publications and He is associate editor of the Journal Metron, guest editor of the Journals Statistical Methods and Application, Advanced in Data Analysis and Applications. He is member of the steering committee of the ICORS (International Conference of Robust Statistics).


Fabrizio Laurini, PhD

Fabrizio is Associate Professor of Economic Statistics at the University of Parma (Italy). Fabrizio is author/co-author of 50 peer-‘scientific works. His research and consulting activities are mostly based on the application of extreme value theory and outliers detection applications to financial risk management.


Gianluca Morelli



Kevin Jahier

Kevin has a MSc in Statistical Engineering from Paris 7&10 University and a Special Master in Quantitative Finance from EM Lyon Business School. Kevin is a machine learning expert competing in several machine learning competitions (Google’s Kaggle) and consulting clients such J.P. Morgan and Fidelity in London.


Aldo Corbellini

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Nacim Sadaoui, CQF

Nacim has 12 years of Investment Banking consulting experience in the Quantitative and Information Technologies fields. Nacim started his consultancy career in France, where he worked with all major French banks and then abroad with clients such McKinsey’s Risk Dynamics, Lloyds and J.P. Morgan.

Shane He, PhD, CFA

Shane has a PhD in Operations Research from London School of Economics, where he focused on Neural Networks for financial applications. Shane is also a Chartered Financial Analyst and works as banking and insurance consultant. Shane is currently a Senior Market Risk Manager at Nomura, London.